Manuel (Manny) Moreno

Major:  Exercise Physiology/Nutrition
Hometown:  Pico Rivera, CA
Class:  Junior

Manny had a life changing experience when he applied for a summer camp counselor position after his freshman year in college. After an arduous interview process, much to his surprise, he was hired. The job pushed him out of his comfort zone and boosted his self confidence. He found his passion in working with children. So, when he heard a presentation about CAVE in one of his classes he knew he had to check it out. Initially, he was a volunteer in the Golden Gate Park program. His enthusiasm for the program translated into a staff position, and Manny became a group leader and then coordinator for the park program. To fulfill his passion for working with children, Manny also volunteered at the Chico Boys and Girls Club.

After graduation Manny would like to work with a non-profit where healthy lifestyles for youth are emphasized. He is keen to be an example for others and takes his role of mentoring very seriously. He’s also interested in going abroad and is considering the Peace Corps as an option.

In Manuel’s words:
“It’s not where you are or what you do – it’s WHO you are with that counts. CAVE is so supportive. I’m encouraged in everything I do. The atmosphere is so positive. CAVE makes me look forward to coming to school. I’m a reflection of the people at CAVE. I feed off of their energy. I give CAVE 100% — I have a strong work ethic and my biggest satisfaction is helping others. My only regret is that I didn’t get involved sooner!”