Morgan Sebree

Major:  Business Finance
Hometown:  Elk Grove, CA
Class:  Senior

Like many freshmen, Morgan heard about CAVE in a class talk. Because she wanted to continue her high school record of volunteering, she checked into CAVE programs and decided that being a classroom aide appealed to her most. She worked in a 5th grade classroom at a local elementary school. Her experience was such a positive one she decided to continue volunteering, but go even further by joining CAVE staff. She volunteered at Sonoma Developmental Center, but also applied and was hired to be a clerical assistant for the program. She’s been an integral member of the clerical staff team at CAVE for four semesters, and has continued to volunteer — most recently at Yountville Veteran’s Home.

Morgan describes her role at CAVE’s front desk this way: “We’re the face of CAVE. We recruit volunteers by selling the programs. We explain to students how fun and rewarding it is to volunteer and why it’s important to give back to the community.” Her focus is providing quality customer service in a professional manner. “I’ve really improved my social skills working at CAVE with such a diverse population. I get to interact with students, faculty, parents, and distance learners.” Clearly Morgan excels at what she does. She is a recent recipient of the Community Affairs Council Award for the CAVE Staff Member of the Year.

Morgan’s favorite thing about the job is the people she works with on a daily basis. “I’ve made great friends. CAVE is such a welcoming environment. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand. It’s a very safe, open, and supportive network of people where you can be yourself.”

As a business major, Morgan is able to apply what she learns in class to the CAVE environment, especially the marketing aspect of her job. Ultimately, she would like to be a CFO for a non-profit. “I’ve always liked business and math, but CAVE has inspired me to lean toward non-profits. I want to be able to make a difference.”

In Morgan’s words:
“CAVE is the best thing I could’ve done for my college experience. I’ve met so many people. I love my job and being at CAVE. We’re a family. There’s lots of energy, and I love that the program is student-run.”