Brandon Masai

Major:  Masters in Kinesiology
Hometown:  Stockton,  CA
Class:  Graduate Student

Brandon met one of the WREC career staff while working in a Physical Therapy office. When he inquired about possible jobs available, she suggested checking with Member Services. In short order, Brandon was hired to be a front desk attendant and has been with the WREC for almost two years.

There are approximately 20-25 students who staff the front desk and, typically, there are 2-3 people working per shift. As Brandon says, “We do a lot more than just fold towels. We’re the face of the WREC. It’s all about customer service.” And the opportunities to provide great customer service come in many forms. Brandon and his co-workers sign up members for programs, personal training, special events, memberships, and even provide minor first aid when necessary. “You have to be very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the different WREC departments to answer any questions.”

One of his favorite parts of the job is getting to be a tour guide for visiting students, parents, and alumni. He’ll get to exercise that passion a lot at the upcoming “Choose Chico” day event where prospective students and their families visit campus to explore all that Chico State has to offer. The WREC will be hosting tours of the facility every 15 minutes, so Brandon will definitely get to shine as the “face of the WREC” to each group he guides.

Brandon graduated from Chico State in 2009, completed the credential program in Physical Education, and is now pursing his masters degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on exercise and sports psychology. After completing an exercise adherence internship in Kinesiology, Brandon now approaches customer service from a different perspective. The internship focused on people’s perceived barriers to exercise. “Some lack motivation because they are intimidated or have issues related to body image. The goal is to understand how to build rapport and provide encouragement to overcome those barriers.” Brandon believes that once someone takes that step to come to the WREC, it’s essential to provide them with a positive reinforcing experience. “We don’t want to discourage them in any way. We want them to keep coming back.”

Brandon prides himself on never having missed a work shift in almost two years. That’s a pretty impressive record considering that Brandon is a full-time graduate student, teaches one unit activity classes for Kinesiology, has an internship, and serves as a peer assistant for the WellCat Fit Program through the campus Health Center. AND, in his free time, he coaches the women’s club soccer team!

Brandon’s future plans revolve around the fitness industry and he is considering several options. His credential allows him to teach secondary physical education. However, he’d like to explore being an exercise/wellness coach for a corporate wellness program. Similarly, being a healthy living coach at an organization like the YMCA interests him. Whatever he chooses, a fit and healthy lifestyle will be his calling card.

In Brandon’s words:
“I like the atmosphere here at the WREC. It’s casual and fun. I’m surrounded by friends, teammates, and co-workers who have similar fitness interests.”