Brian Beeman

Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Escalon, CA
Class: Graduate Student
Program Position: Fitness Lead at WREC

Brian is part of the inaugural student staff of the Wildcat Recreation Center. Two years ago he and 800 other students went through a screening process to fill student positions for the August 2009 opening of the WREC. He was hired as part of the fitness staff and began working before the doors even opened.  He  inventoried  equipment, helped to organize the floor and assisted with developing policies and procedures for using the facilities.

Once the WREC was fully operational, Brian became a fitness lead. Currently, he and four other fitness leads monitor all activity in the first floor weight room and the second floor cardio space. He describes his job as “being the lifeguard of the fitness floor. We make sure that the policies are being followed to insure the safety of all members.” His major of Kinesiology is clearly an asset in his role. His knowledge of muscle groups and how they work together for lifts makes him a valuable resource in the weight room. In addition to floor duties, Brian is also responsible for scheduling all the fitness leads and attendants (approximately 20-25 students).

Brian’s emphasis in his graduate work is sport and exercise psychology. He would like to be a track and field coach at a junior college or Division II school. His lifelong addiction to sports has taught him that coaching is as much about mental preparation as it is physical preparation.

In Brian’s words:
“I think I work well with others. I have a positive attitude and enjoy people. I’ve grown into my leadership role through all my other sports experiences. I feel comfortable being in charge.”