Jenna Fletcher

Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Relations
Hometown: Monterey, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: AO Trip Leader and Special Projects Coordinator

“I didn’t even like to work out and now I’m a certified spin instructor at the WREC Center!” One of Jenna’s friends dragged her to a spin class one day and she got hooked. She started going to classes, applied for a job at the WREC, and now is one of their star instructors. Jenna loves the class setting because everyone is “working in unison, has the same objective, and shares the same goal.”

The WREC also provides her a place where her social and school communities connect. She sees clients, friends, customers, and classmates all at the WREC. Jenna carries a full academic load and has a second job at a local restaurant in addition to her WREC job. The opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people allows her to hone interpersonal skills valuable to her career path.

Between spinning, studying, and working Jenna also manages to squeeze in community service. She has volunteered at CAVE where a trip to the Napa State Hospital proved to be a life changing experience for her. “The exposure to people so unlike me was amazing. It helped me more than I helped them.”

Jenna’s charisma is clearly illustrated by her full spin classes. She is in demand as an instructor and her students love her. She works them hard, but they keep coming back for more. What better endorsement could there be?

In Jenna’s words:
“I bring energy, spontaneity, and joy to my work — I give my students a reason to work out. What a great job! I get paid, I’m losing weight and getting toned.”