Joel Ramirez

Major:  Organizational Communication
Hometown:  Oroville, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Weekend Facilities Supervisor | WREC

Joel got hooked up with REC Sports his freshman year when he took an officiating class just for fun. As an official for both basketball and flag football, Joel was responsible for game set-up and taken-down, and fan control. After only three weeks, he had the opportunity to move up to the Director of Officials position which involved the hiring, training and scheduling of officials as well as all the logistics for scheduling league play. In 2009 when the WREC opened, the entire Rec Sports program (including Joel) moved into the new facility and he has been there ever since.

Always looking for a new challenge, Joel eagerly accepted his current position as the Assistant Director of Sports Clubs. In this capacity, he is in charge of 19 clubs with over 450 participants. He also supervises six student coordinators and works directly with team presidents. Joel is responsible for determining membership eligibility, staff and game scheduling, all game-day logistics, player safety, and program marketing.

Most people would have their hands full with this job and a full course load, but Joel is ambitious and thrives on a packed schedule. So, what was his next step? Taking on a second job! Joel was hired by the Associated Students to be the Weekend Facilities Supervisor at the WREC. He opens or closes the building, supervises 10-15 student employees, and monitors the users with an eye to safety and compliance with facility rules.

Joel’s motto: “I’m not one to settle for the status quo. I’m always pushing – looking for the next opportunity.” And the perfect examples of that are two grants he submitted to the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee on behalf of the WREC. One grant provided funds to retrofit 25 elliptical machines to harness kinetic energy which can be plugged back into the grid. A second grant allowed for the retrofitting of three drinking fountains to include bottle filling spigots.

Joel will graduate in May with a degree in Organizational Communication. “I chose Org Com because it’s broad and applicable to many careers. I’m comfortable keeping the doors open for any good opportunity that comes up.” Even though he doesn’t have specific plans just yet, Joel hopes to take a little time off while he considers applying to graduate school, perhaps even law school.

In Joel’s words:
“The nice thing about working at the WREC is the motivation to stay active. I try to connect with everyone at work. I believe in work hard play hard.”