Melissa Sill

Major:  Liberal Studies
Hometown:  Sunnyvale, CA
Class:  Senior

“I’m one of those students who actually reads Student Announcements and that’s how I heard about job applications for the WREC. I got so excited when I heard about the climbing wall — I even saw it when it was delivered during construction.” Reading those announcements paid off for Melissa. She was hired as floor staff for the climbing wall and now she says, “I practically live here!” She takes classes at the WREC, works the climbing wall, exercises, and even does her homework there thanks to wifi. “It’s a nice alternative to the library.”

Melissa started climbing in high school so she brings both expertise and passion to the job. She signs in climbers, checks their equipment (you can bring your own or the WREC will provide), observes and coaches climbers to insure safety. She often serves as a belay partner when a climber shows up alone. Melissa explains that all skill levels are welcome — beginners to experts. “The climbing community is fun and supportive. Experienced climbers are always willing to help out the novices.”

Melissa hopes to enter the credential program at Chico State to become an elementary school teacher. Her job at the WREC Center provides her with lots of “teachable moments” with climbers so she’s able to practice those skills. Managing people is a big part of the job, too, and that has allowed her to make great friends at the WREC. Melissa relishes all facets of her job. “I’m excited to come to work because it energizes my academic performance.”

In Melissa’s words:
“My goal is to provide climbers with a good experience by encouraging them, building their confidence and even helping some conquer their fear of heights. I do that by setting manageable goals for them.  One step at time they work on skills and strength and the heights come later! “