Miguel Medina

Major:  Parks and Natural Resources
Hometown:  Groveland, CA
Class:  Senior

During the final construction phase of the WREC Center, Miguel went to a job fair for all students interested in landing a job at the new facility. He needed a job, but he also thought it would be exciting to be first staff in the new facility. Now Miguel can officially say, “I was there Day One.” Approximately 800 students went through the application process and he was one of 27 students hired to work in Membership Services.

He was a perfect fit for that job because of his employment history. He has worked at a lake marina, Yosemite National Park, and Wal-Mart. Those jobs plus his current one at the WREC have exposed him to a diverse population which has contributed to his effective communication skills. “I’m a big fan of customer service. I love talking to people and meeting their needs.” And he has a multitude of opportunities to do that each time he works his three hour shift. More than 3000 people come to the WREC Center daily, and as Miguel points out, “I’m often the first person they see when they come in and the last person they see when they leave. I want their experience here to be a good one.”

Miguel’s job requires a lot of multi-tasking. There’s a lot of territory to be covered by the 3-4 co-workers with whom he shares a shift. Miguel might be found at the front desk selling memberships, guest passes and lockers or signing members up for classes. OR, he might be conducting tours of the WREC, cleaning up locker rooms, doing laundry, or setting up equipment on multi-purpose courts.

Miguel explains that his job isn’t a dress rehearsal for a job in the “real world.” It IS a real job, and “I take my job seriously and act professionally.” So what is the next job on his horizon? It’s a toss-up.  He loves music and plays both the acoustic and bass guitars. In fact, he followed his band mates (shout out to Malachi) to Chico State. Being a touring musician would be a dream. However, his taste of park life at Yosemite has convinced him that becoming a park ranger is his destiny.  Perhaps his recent wedding at Yosemite helped seal the deal!

In Miguel’s words:
“I like to help make somebody’s day a good one!”