Omar Malagon

Major: Construction Management
Hometown: Orland, CA
Class: Junior
Program Position: Maintenance/Programs Lead | WREC

How did you first get connected with the Associated Students?
My sophomore year, I was looking for a job and looked online. I saw that the WREC had an opening to work for maintenance. I applied and a week later I got the job! Also in May of 2013, I applied for another job at the WREC for Programs Lead and I got that job as well. I like working for these two positions at the WREC!

How would you describe your current role with the WREC?
I have two roles at the WREC; one is Maintenance and the other is Programs Lead. My role for maintenance is to make sure that the machines at the WREC are working properly and safe to use. Also, if any parts of the building outside or inside need repairs, it’s my responsibility to do that. For Programs Lead my role is to organize events that the WREC will be hosting throughout the semester. This semester I was in charge of organizing WREC IT and WREC Remix as part of the Wildcat Welcome program. But that’s not all; I will also be working with setting up for Strong Cat, Ride 50, WREC En Fuego, and late Saturday night events.

What does working for the WREC do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
Working at the WREC has definitely changed my personality. I’ve became more open to people; not shy of starting a conversation, or meeting new people. Also I have improved in my leadership skills. I know now what it takes to become a better leader, and later in life I know these leadership skills that the WREC has taught me will be really beneficial.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position with the WREC?
I bring innovation, respect, and helpfulness to the WREC. Even though my role at the WREC is maintenance and Programs Lead, I don’t stick with those roles; I do more than what my supervisors expect from me. I help out my colleagues whether they are trainers, fitness staff, or custodial. I’m all over the WREC helping out and enjoying time at the facility!

What are your career plans and how does your job with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
As of right now I don’t really know what I want to do when I graduate from college.  I might work for a construction company or be my own boss and own a construction company. Working for the AS has shown me that I do have what it takes to be a great leader and a great communicator with others. I’ve learned how to manage events, what to expect, and how to deal with the unexpected. It all involves teamwork and socializing.