Shane Morey

Major:  History
Hometown:  Red Bluff, CA
Class:  Senior

Shane transferred from Butte College to Chico and was in the first round of students who were hired to work at the brand new WREC Center. But even before he came to Chico State, Shane had served eight years in the U.S. Navy — four years active and four years as an active reservist. He also attended the Yuba College Fire Academy and is an EMT and a Firefighter I. Currently Shane works in WREC operations in the maintenance department where he is a jack of all trades. He does everything from pool and cardio equipment maintenance to repairing broken lockers and checking the spin bike chains. Shane feels lucky to have a campus job. “It’s so convenient for a full time student. The hours are flexible. No other employer works around your schedule like this, and I can pick up extra hours when they’re short staffed.”

Shane’s connection to the AS goes well beyond his work at the WREC Center. Not only is he a paid student employee, but he has participated in a variety of other AS programs in various capacities. He interned in the Women’s Center for university credit and has volunteered at CAVE as an aide in a 7th grade history class. He enjoyed that experience so much that he recently picked up an application to be a classroom aide again this semester. And to round out his overall AS experience, Shane has gone on a backpacking trip with Adventure Outings.

With a school, work, and co-curricular schedule that would be daunting for most, it is all the more remarkable that Shane finds time to pursue other volunteer service in our community. For four years he has been a big brother to a boy who he was matched with through the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. He also donates time working with the Sunshine Kids Connection — a non-profit organization serving children with and without disabilities. Shane believes that stepping up to volunteer in the community is more important than ever due to the budget cuts in social services and other support programs.

Shane is finishing up his prerequisites for the teaching credential program, but he has decided to pursue a master’s degree in history and possibly teach at a community college.

In Shane’s words:
“Working for the AS provides a great opportunity to get involved in other programs and made a positive change in the community.”