Adopt-A-Park Lands Sustainability Grant!

Photography by Hana Koyama

As the end of the semester approaches, our volunteers and program coordinators for Adopt-a-Park are celebrating their grant approval from the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC)! Program leader, Hana Koyama led Adopt-a-Park to their victory while working with Program Coordinator, Cathryn Carkhuff. 

Photography by Hana Koyama

Koyama and Carkhuff worked hard to revise the program by adding new concepts and ideas to the program that will be beneficial to student volunteers. Koyama’s background in soil sciences allowed her to shine through the planning of the updates to the program. Adopt-a-Park focuses mainly on the removal of invasive species, which sparked the idea of adding an element to plant native species in Chico. “We wanted to figure out what to do to make Adopt-a-Park better and more applicable to CAVE’s mission statement,” said Hana Koyama. 

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Resume Building Advice

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Whether you’re applying for a job or that highly desired internship, having a professional resume is your best chance at landing that position. There are more than a hundred ways to craft a resume but you have to make sure you do it to your special benefit. Your experiences and accomplishments are all essential parts to add to your resume. To create a professional resume you have to pick and choose what you want to present to your potential employer. 

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The Importance of Volunteering

Photography by Jessica Bartlett

Volunteering is an important aspect of life that builds your sense of character and exposes you to unforgettable experiences. CAVE is the biggest student-led organization on campus and is widely recognized throughout the community. CAVE has established more than 10 volunteer programs that are perfect for any individual seeking community involvement. Our mission is to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities, develop student leaders and serve a diverse range of needs and interests. 

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Habitat for Humanity

Photograph by CAVE staff

On Saturday morning, Sept. 28, CAVE Weekend Wildcat volunteers had the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity and help build a home for a family in need. Habitat for Humanity is an organization with a global outreach that provides families and children with a safe and comfortable community that allows them to prosper. 

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