Less than a month ago, we spent some time frolicking in North East California.
First on our stop was medicine lake,
Medicine lake is located 2 hours East of Mount Shasta… what is truly remarkable is that the whole lake (pretty big, area of 408 acres) is in the caldera, or depressed, of medicine lake shield volcano. The extent of depressed land on top of the shield volcano is indicated by the dotted lines in the picture below.
Shield volcanoes are just one of the four types of volcanoes, fun fact Chico has all four types in our backyard at Lassen National Volcanic Park! Shield, composite, cinder cone, and plug dome. Shield volcanoes have a low profile, and do not explode violently. This is because the lava is low in viscosity, it moves quickly. Layers of lava accumulate on top of each other and gradually build up to form a mound.
Our second stop was at glass mountain. In the picture above you can see glass mountain lava flows in the pink color. Highly recommend doing the hike, it’s developed and pretty flat, and the views are amazing.
Our third stop on our trip was to lava beds national monument, in the far north east of California. The closest gas to the park was in Merrell, Oregon. While at the park we were both below ground and above ground looking at some pretty cool things!
Above ground: The only cinder cone you can hike in the park is a short hike to the top, beautiful views!
Below Ground: no pictures, but Lava beds National monument has the largest concentration of underground caves in North America! Here is a map of the park trail loop, that is fun and highly recommended! Even though there is a small fee to get into the park and cave, don’t let that stop you from exploring! Hope to see some fellow adventurers next time we’re here!
Thanks for reading, Geopotomous!