Associated Students Assessment

Understanding the importance of ongoing assessment, the Associated Students (AS) is currently building a multi-year assessment infrastructure to evaluate student learning outcomes, program usage and satisfaction. Results from data collected will be used to examine AS Programs’ efficacy in providing meaningful co-curricular learning experiences. This culture of evidence will be used to inform decision-making in strategic planning across all AS Programs.

The process is guided by the following questions:

    • What do we want our students to learn by the time they complete our program?
      Intended student learning outcomes

    • What are they actually learning?
      Actual student learning results

    • How well are they learning these outcomes?
      Levels of achievement (based on explicit criteria)

    • How do we know?
      Evidence of student learning

    • How are we using the evidence to guide decisions for improvement?
      Tracking changes made based on data analysis

  • Do the improvements we make work?


Learning outcomes for students participating in AS programs focus on two competencies:

Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is an ethical theory that we as individuals and as part of a larger organization have an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Students will take actions to ensure their community is healthy, safe and secure by participating in efforts that promote personal and public good.

Students will demonstrate this outcome by:

  • Identifying opportunities to assist community and others
  • Initiating individual or group actions to advance positive social change

Clarified Values
Values provide the standards for decisions about what is important for the Associated Students to succeed in its core mission. Students will be exposed to and integrate these values as they fulfill their programmatic roles.

Students will demonstrate this outcome by:

  • Identifying and understanding the eight values of the Associated Students
  • Demonstrate ability to make decisions congruent with values
  • Evaluate values in the context of new information
  • Articulate resolution options when behavior is incongruent with values

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