Catering Menu – Beverages

Beverage Menu

Beverages are sold by the gallon and serve approximately 15 people.

Organic Fair Trade Thanksgiving Coffee
Also available in Decaffeinated
$26.00 per gallon

Hot Tea
Featuring a selection of Numi Organic Teas
$12.50 per gallon

Hot Spiced Cider
$20.00 per gallon

Hot Chocolate
With whipped cream and marshmallows
$15.75 per gallon

Peet’s Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Includes assorted syrups and cream
$29.00 per gallon

Fruited Water
With fresh citrus and berries
$16.00 for 3 gallons

$16.00 per gallon

Raspberry Limeade
$17.00 per gallon

Iced Tea
$16.00 per gallon

Ice Water
Complimentary with catering order or $14.00 deposit without catering order

Beverages Sold Individually:

Assorted Canned Sodas
AS serves Pepsi products exclusively
$1.75 each

Bottled Juices
$1.50 each

Bottled Water
$1.75 each