Adulting 101 is Here!

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Date:23 Sep, 2019

Adulting 101 is Here!

Have a meal, make a friend, learn a life skill! The Adulting 101 workshop series is back for another semester of helping you learn to “adult” better! In these hour and a half sessions, you can learn skills and the ins and outs of all things adulting- from budgeting to time management to healthy cooking- and everything in between! Every Thursday in BMU 203 at 6PM

Time Management 101: September 19th at 6PM
“Get organized and get ahead this semester. We’ll show you how with tips and tools you can use!”

Healthy Cooking 101: September 26th at 6PM
“Learn to cook a meal that won’t break the bank and might actually be good for you!”

Budgeting 101: October 3rd at 6PM
“Learn to stretch your dollars without missing out! Learn the basics of budgeting so you can maximize the most out of your money!”

Stress Management 101: October 10th at 6PM
“A definitive how-to keep your stress low as we approach midterms!”

Eat Right When $ Is Tight: October 17th at 6PM
“Let’s talk about healthy meal planning, smart shopping lists & tips, information on food labels, the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry and the CalFresh program!”

Salary Negotiation 101: October 24th at 6PM
“Tips and tricks from a pro to help you navigate any offer!”