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Commissioner of Community Affairs

Commissioner of Community Affairs

Tyrell Simmons

Las Vegas, NV | Psychology and Media Production

Roar Wildcats!!! I am Tyrell Simmons from Los Angeles, California. I’m currently a double major in psychology and media production. I am so thrilled to be your Commissioner of Community Affairs. I run for this position to bring diversity and be a voice for all minorities on campus. My mission is to celebrate unity and embrace cultural diversity. We as a Campus need to come together as a Community, a United force, and a Family. We as a Community need to embrace and be aware of all the cultures, races, and identities on our campus. This school year, our community is going to be an important factor on our campus. After this very eventful year, a year of death, sadness, political drama, and the questions of what going to happen next; but also a year filled with learning, stepping back and enjoying the smaller things in life, and movements of black lives, hate crimes on Asian Americans, and lgbtq+ rights being fought for. This has been a monumental year but a year that we all saw the changes that need to be done. As your Commissioner of Community Affairs, I going to be rebuilding a trusting community. A community with no walls dividing us, a community with no barriers between us, and a community with no discriminate stereotypes made against each other. A community that celebrates unity and embraces cultural diversity.

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