Commissioner of Diversity Affairs

Commissioner of Diversity Affairs

Guadalupe “Lupe” Santana

Rialto, CA | Sociology

Hey, Y’all! I am super excited to be representing you all this upcoming school year. I plan on showcasing how diverse our campus truly is and plan to ensure that every student on this campus is being represented. I want to highlight all of our students and the traditions they bring to our University with events that are existing already but also bring new ones to the table. With that being said, I always want to make sure that you all feel comfortable coming to me to talk about what you want to see being brought to our campus whether its a new event or idea. My desk will be a safe place where you can come and express your concerns, or if you feel more comfortable making a meeting to talk out of the office, I will work with you to ensure your voice is being heard. Please come by BMU 220 to talk with me if you have any questions or you can email me at I’m here to listen and get stuff done.

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