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Commissioner of Sustainability Affairs


Commissioner of Sustainability Affairs

Jared Geiser

Chico, CA | Geography

I am a global citizen who gives a shit. I advocate for the environment and for social justice because I understand that equity and a healthy environment are integral to sustainability.

As a Geographer, I study the Earth and humanity’s interaction with the natural world. I have learned about how humans can live on the Earth sustainably and I am excited to take on this role and advocate for sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.

In a world where the sustainability of our environment is threatened and urgent action is needed, we need people to get involved and be ambitious about solving the problems we are faced with. I encourage everyone reading this to connect with me and explore the ways our university and community can fight for a better tomorrow. Please come by BMU 220 to talk with me if you have any questions or you can email me at

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BMU 220 (2nd floor of the BMU – inside the Wildcat Leadership Center)
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