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Ben Liwanag

Major: Agriculture Communications
Hometown: French Camp, California
Class: Sophomore
Program Position: College of Agriculture Senator and Student Senate Vice Chair

How would you describe your role as a Senator for the College of Agriculture?
The role of Senator for the College of Agriculture is a role that involves both the students and faculty. With our college being one of the smaller ones, our students and faculty have very close relationships with each other, so it is important in my role to help further build these connections and make sure the needs of students are being met.

What do YOU bring to the table in your role as a Senator for the College of Agriculture?
A few qualities that I bring to the table to the role of Senator would be being driven and outgoing. Being driven is such an important role for a student Senator, especially having to be persistent in the actions that you take when trying to accomplish goals at the University level.

What current projects are you working on to better your College?
I am currently in the process of forming a student college council. My vision for this is to have a representative from each major in the college to discuss concerns, goals, and achievements within the academic realm. My goal is to have my council formed and in place by the end of the semester.

What legacy would you like to leave for the next set of elected Senators?
The legacy I would like to leave is for the Senators to continue to support important academic issues and create resolutions and policies to better student life.

How do you see this position developing next year?
Over the next few years this position is going to develop further into something incredible. I see this position working on a weekly basis with all staff and faculty members in the College of Ag as well as filling the gap by connecting the AS and the college’s clubs. I predict this position help play a role in our college’s increasing student numbers. With our college growing at such a rapid pace it is my hope that the future Senators will work with the University to meet our college’s needs.

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