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Kyaw (Joe) Soe

Major: Business-Finance
Hometown: Lashio, Myanmar
Class: Senior
Program Position: Front Desk Clerical Staff | AS Programs & Government Affairs

How did you first get connected with AS Government Affairs?
I first got connected with AS Government Affairs through the AS website while I was looking for a place on campus to engage with both professionally and academically.

How would you describe your role as clerical staff for Government Affairs?
My role as office staff for Government Affairs would be handling business for faculty, students, clubs and organizations, and in-office staff by communicating professionally. My role also includes developing a welcoming and professional workplace through the full commitment to this position.

What does working in Government Affairs do for you, professionally, or academically?
Personally, working in Government Affairs enhances my ability to work effectively with other people/staff and encourages me to work harder. Professionally, working in Government Affairs improves my capabilities and skills by handling day-to-day businesses for clubs and organizations, and working together with other student and professional staff. It also allows me to have a better understanding of the materials that I’ve learned in Finance by doing travel authorizations and estimating travel expenses for staff, and by processing budgets for clubs and organizations as well as reimbursement of their expenses.

What do YOU bring to the table in your role as clerical staff?
I always treat working for Government Affairs as working for my family-owned company. I make the full commitment to my efforts as an office staff because I like all the teams and the working environment. I also hope that by working fully-committed would also encourage other workers and students not to give up on what they believe and love to do.

What are your career plans and how does your role with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
I would like to become a Financial Analyst after I graduate from Chico State. Then, I will pursue my MBA in Finance. After I get my MBA, I would like to become a Finance professor and start my own business by opening an international school in Myanmar. So my role with AS Government Affairs really helps me a lot towards my goal by introducing me to the real-world work experience and some financial applications. I’m also learning how to work effectively and efficiently as a team or as a part of the AS corporation.

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