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"Presidential Duo" - London Long (AS President 2011-2012) and Jay Virdee (AS President 2012-2013)

Presidential Duo


London Long

Major: History
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Outgoing AS President 2011-2012

Q: Why did you run for AS President?
LL:  I had been the Director of University Affairs and felt I could do the best job based on my experience in that office. I had built great relationships with faculty, students, and administrators and I could carry that forward along with goals that were important to me: providing outreach and visibility for important campus issues.

Q: Of what accomplishment are you most proud?
LL: My weekly Coffee with the President sessions. I wanted to make myself accessible to students. Seeking out the students I was serving helped me do a better job. They want the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. They just want to be heard. I tried to make my term a very campus-focused one. It has been a year of change for the AS and I worked hard to maintain a cohesive team.

Q: How was this experience changed you?
LL: All the people I have had contact with have helped me become more confident, a better listener, and an effective advocate to better serve my peers.

Q: What’s the best advice you have for Jay?
LL: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t worry if you don’t have the answers.  Go the extra mile to get accurate information and get back to students. Always remember you’re here to serve someone else. Be humble. Be visible. And the number one thing: build up your team. Be sure they get credit and recognition for what they do. Don’t always be center stage.

Q: Where are you headed after graduation?
LL: I start at Target on June 18 in the Sacramento area as an Executive Team Lead.


Jaypinderpal (Jay) Virdee

Major: Organizational Communication
Hometown: Ilford, England
Class: Senior
Program Position: Incoming AS President 2012-2013

Q: Why did you run for AS President?
JV: Student involvement is my passion. I want to support students’ exposure to all the opportunities available to make their Chico Experience really worth it.

Q: What are the top priorities for your term?
JV: SERVICE! Between CAVE and my Commissioner of Community Affairs background, I have a track record of service to the campus, community, and north state. I want that to continue. I also think transparency in all that we do is important. We need to reach out to students to find out what they need and educate them on how we can meet those needs. We need to build bridges. The AS provides vital services to students. So we need to focus on how to continue enhancing the quality of their education in spite of financial challenges.

Q: What have you learned by observing London during her term?
JV: It’s important to go out of your way, to go the extra mile. She has gone beyond her job description. She has been there for the students making them her #1 priority. Because of that she has gained tremendous respect and appreciation.

Q: What is your personal motto?
JV: You’re never entitled to anything. You must work for what you want.

Q: What are your summer plans?
JV: I’m doing an internship with Kohl’s and will be traveling to England to celebrate my birthday with family and friends.


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