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Taylor Herren

Major: Undergraduate/Animal Science | Graduate School/Biology
Hometown: Pine Mountain Club, CA
Class: Graduate Student
Program Position: AS President

List 5 words that describe Chico State:
Beautiful, Community, Sustainability, Growth, Innovation

Why are you proud to be the student body president?
I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to serve my campus as Associated Students President but I am even more proud to be a student who attends this exceptional University. During my time here I have grown personally as much as I have learned in my classes. I truly believe that there is no other campus like Chico State. It is a place where students are truly committed to the values of this institution and incorporate them into their daily lives. I am proud of what the college represents and all of the wonderful things that our students do on and off this campus.

To me, the Wildcat Way means…
The Wildcat Way means that as students we embody the many things it means to be a Chico State student in all aspects of our lives. Living the Wildcat Way means you are a good person, you value your community, service, sustainability, diversity and doing what you can to have a positive impact on this campus. It also means that you continue to value and act on these things after you finish your time as a student at Chico State. Being a Wildcat is a special privilege just as is attending this University, and students should always do their best to live the Wildcat Way.

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