Student Spotlight: Justin Torres, AS Productions

Justin Torres

Major: Music Industry
Hometown: – Los Angeles
Class: – Senior
Program Position/Job Title: Entertainment Coordinator

How did you first get connected with AS Productions?

  • The first time I encountered ASP was during my freshmen year at one of their Boba Bingo events. That night has stuck with me throughout my entire college career because of the unexpected amount of fun I had while being surrounded by so many of my fellow Wildcats. The entire BMU Auditorium was covered in students and I finally felt like I belonged. I no longer felt as an outsider. Keep in mind I am from Southern California and was only 17. ASP gave me the opportunity to make friends and find comfort in my new home. That night, as well, made me realize I wanted to create those same memories for other students. So last year, I saw they had a position open and I applied, and now here I am! I only wish I had the opportunity to join sooner!

How would you describe your current position and your role in that position?

  • As the Entertainment Coordinator, I am responsible for assisting Hugh, our boss, in developing positive relationships with entertainment agencies. I as well, research and develop plans for potential artists, comedians, and other forms of dissipation that students on our campus would find enjoyable.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

  • That’s a hard question to answer because there is so much about AS Productions that I love. As a music industry major, this is a dream first job! I am building relationships with people within the industry at such an early stage in my career. I am beyond lucky to be the sole student on this campus given the privilege of building these bridges within the music industry of Chico State. Besides being able to relish in the amazing networking opportunities that ASP provides me; being able to work with such an amazing team to create ever-lasting memories for our campus community is beyond fulfilling. Seeing how we are positively impacting our campus is probably the best part of the job.

What are your career plans after graduation? How does your role with Associated Students and AS Productions prepare you for that path?

  • I plan to move back home to Los Angeles and work for a record label, music agency, or an events management company such as Insomniac Events. AS Productions has given me a sturdy foundation to propel me into the industry. The music industry, is all about who you know and having the perseverance to get to where you want to be. ASP has not only allowed me to begin building those relationships, but has given me the experience necessary to reinforce that I am a well rounded and knowledgeable candidate. I am gaining all this and so much more from ASP, while working along side amazing students who push me to be better everyday. Because of AS Productions I am confident this is the right career path for me and I enjoy every minute of it!

If there are any additional comments or statements you wish to express please do so as well.

  • As a senior and a consistent proactive member of our campus community. I have come to the realization that college is not primarily about the education you gain within the classrooms, but rather the experiences you gain throughout your time here. Take the time to come out just once to an event hosted by us or any other program. Who knows what you’ll learn about yourself, the relationships you could make, or the opportunities that could surface. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.