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Programs and Advocacy

Chico Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA) – assists consumers with complaints against businesses and issues dealing with fraud, identity theft, credit debt, bankruptcy, contracts, small claims, lemon law and the like. Also, we inform people how to file complaints to federal agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission, and a wide range of private groups

In the Chico Consumer Protection Agency, we assist roughly eighty to ninety clients per month. This includes protecting businesses against frivolous law suits and clients from unfair or illegal business practices. We have packets of information that we send to clients free of charge that cover many consumer concerns.

Community Outreach – provides information about CLIC to the members of the community through fliers, events, and fundraisers. Through these events we teach the community about the services that are provided by CLIC. Community Outreach is the department that connects the office to the community.

County Jail Law Project (CJLP) – works with pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates in the Butte County Jail through mail correspondence. CJLP interns research a wide variety of law in order to answer the questions of inmates, including but not limited to: Civil, Disability, Employment, Family, Probate and particularly Criminal Law. Clients often seek information regarding their charges on current and prior cases, case law and various statues. Our department addresses questions related to pre- and post- trial procedures, probation/parole, jail conditions, and the ongoing Realignment subsequent to AB 109. The County Jail Law Project’s offices are located in Chico as well as the Butte County Jail Law Library where Legal Research Assistants (LRA’s) meet with inmates on a daily basis.

Disability Law (D&L) – is an advocacy program that represents clients with physical and mental disabilities at Federal Administrative hearings for the Social Security Administration. This program can handle Title II: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Title XVI: Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The goal of this program is to help those who would otherwise be unable to advocate on their own behalf.

Environmental Advocates (EA) – promotes environmental quality through education and advocacy. Interns are actively involved in local, regional, and global issues. EA is comprised of interns who share a concern for environmental quality and a willingness to work toward safeguarding the environment.

Family Law Project – provides clients with information and assistance for completing the necessary documents for the following: dissolution, legal separation, paternity, and order to show cause. The program also offers information regarding custody, visitation, and other family issues.

Housing Law – provides free legal information regarding tenant landlord relations. This information can involve, but is not limited to, habitability concerns, leases and rental agreements, payment disputes, discrimination, maintenance, security deposits, evictions, landlord and tenant responsibilities, and mobile home law. This program helps people obtain the information they need to adequately represent themselves.

Misdemeanors, Tickets and Traffic (MTT) – assists with DUI, MIP, Drunk in Public, Reckless Driving, Wet-Reckless, Possession of marijuana, Minor in Possession, Minor w/ BAC .01%/.05% or more, DUI under 18, Providing Alcohol to Minors, Failure to Appear, and all other misdemeanors and infractions.

Penal Law Project – assists incarcerated individuals. The program’s primary purpose is to provide legal information and research for those held in California state prisons. Our typical client has completed the appeal process with an attorney and is now representing himself. The clients seek basic legal information and research materials such as copies of statutes and cases. Some of the legal questions we address include issues of trial error, sentencing, parole, pardons and expungement of criminal records. We also provide inmates with information about their rights as prisoners.

Student Legal Services and Juvenile Rights – provides information in all aspects of students’ rights and responsibilities. These areas include the formal grievance procedure, student disciplinary process, on-campus and classroom issues and any general questions and concerns involving student life.

The Juvenile Rights Program focuses on providing information for minors and a wide variety of Juvenile issues consisting of: emancipation, guardianship, juvenile court procedures, and any general questions concerning juveniles.

Woman’s Law – provides legal information, support and assistance to women, men, children and seniors who are victims of domestic violence. Paralegal interns are available to provide information about obtaining restraining orders pertaining to domestic violence, harassment, and workplace violence. The interns of the Women’s Law Project work closely with local county and state agencies that are available to assist the person dealing with domestic violence issues. Interns are available to make referrals to other private agencies who deal with a wide range of women’s issues.

Workers’ Rights Program (WRP) – provides information to employees and employers about their legal rights and responsibilities. We help with Unemployment Insurance, worker termination/discharge, hour and wage disputes, working conditions, sexual harassment, discrimination, unlawful hiring practices, employee benefits, Safety, Health and Sanitation, and personal files and medical records.

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