Recycling Services

What is recycled at Chico State? Find out HERE

Call AS Recycling 898-5033 to request a bin for the following:

  • Your office (bin sizes can be viewed in the upper right hand box of this page)
  • A special office clean out
  • A special event


Bin Sizes:

  • Desk Side: 20″h x 11″w x 15″l – 10 Gal.
    Desk Side Recycle Receptacle: 20"h X 11"w x 15"l - 10 Gal.
  • Slim Jim: 30″h x 11″w x 20″l – 23 Gal.
    Slim Jim Recycle Receptacle: 30"h x 11"w x 20"l - 23 Gal.
  • Square Black Bin: 30″h x 15.5″w x 15.5″l-31 Gal.
    Square Black Bin Recycle Receptacle: 30"h x 15.5"w x 15.5”l – 31 Gal.
  • Toter: 42″h x 27″w x 35″l – 96 Gal.
    Toter Recycle Receptacle: 42"h x 27"w x 35"l – 96 Gal.


Bin Labels:
If you find your bin labels torn, stained, or gone, you can print a new one. Clicking a bin label below will open a PDF from which you can print:


Special Pick-Up:
If you have a surplus of recyclable materials in your office and your weekly pick-up is several days away, call the AS Recycling office to schedule a special pick-up. We will come at our earliest convenience.

Contact Us

Phone: (530) 898-5033


Associated Students Recycling 750
California State University, Chico
400 W 1st Street
Chico, CA 95929

Hours & Location


Available by Phone Monday – Thursday:
10am – 2pm
Public Donation Center (Summer ’19):
Saturday, June 15 10-2:30
Saturday, June 29 10-2:30
Saturday, July 13 10-2:30
Saturday, July 27 10-2:30
Saturday, August 10 10-2:30
Saturday, August 24 10-2:30


417 Cherry St. • Chico, CA