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Molly Marcussen

Molly Marcussen

Major: Social Science Specialization in Environmental Studies and Environmental Planning
Hometown: Petaluma, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Compost Education Coordinator | AS Sustainability

How did you first get connected with AS Sustainability?
Last semester I was looking for a way to get more involved on campus. I wanted to get involved with a program that holds the same values as me in being a good steward for the earth. Since my freshmen year I have always been involved in the events AS Sustainability has hosted  around campus, and I knew that I wanted to somehow get involved in this program. When I saw that AS Sustainability was hiring a Compost Education Coordinator I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work for the program.

How would you describe your role as the Compost Program Coordinator?
As the Compost Education Co Coordinator everything I do involves a lot of getting my hands dirty! I recruit and manage seven interns who help me take care of our garden and compost piles. My interns are one of my favorite parts about my job. I love getting to know everyone and watching them learn and grow in their positions. We spend the first part of the semester building up our compost piles and moving the ready to go compost to our organic vegetable garden beds. We have three different types of composting in the Compost Display Area: hot composting, cold composting, and vermicomposting (worms). I host compost workshops on Saturday mornings where we teach students and community members how easy it is to compost and why composting is important. The end goal for me is to teach our students that composting is an easy way to divert waste away from our municipal waste system and turn it into healthy, fertile soil.

What does working at AS Sustainability do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
Getting to work with like-minded people who want to see sustainable changes on our campus is such a great feeling. Going into work knowing that I and my team are helping educate students on how to live sustainably is a feeling that I hope to continue in my professional career. Professionally, this job has given me firsthand experience working for a part of a large organization. Time management, organization, public relations, management experience and work place professionalism are all skills I have learned while working for AS Sustainability.

What do YOU hope to bring to the table in your role as the Compost Coordinator?
I am a people person. I like to be talking and engaging with other people. Being so personable has brought in more and more people to our workshops.

What are your career plans and how does your role with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
I hope to one day work for a nonprofit that focuses on sustainability or environmental stewardship. My role in the AS has given me the tools I need to succeed in that field of work. Managing interns, hosting large workshops, asking for donations from local organizations, making it work with what we have, creating outreach materials — these are all things that are helping me prepare for my career.

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