Values Statement

Values are the standards that influence every aspect of our lives. For the Associated Students, values provide the direction for every-day, short term decisions, as well as long-range goals of the AS organization and its programs. We commit to uphold the following values as we pursue our mission and vision:

We exhibit integrity by demonstrating the strength, honesty and ethics that warrant the trust of the campus community and by conducting ourselves with honesty, openness and transparency that are the hallmarks of integrity.

We pursue diversity through equality in our programmatic, educational and employment opportunities as not just an idea to embrace, but as a community to form, valuing the respect, richness, and understanding that diversity brings.

We demonstrate respect by ensuring that our interaction with others is done with fairness, consistency and compassion.

We celebrate sustainability as a distinctive institutional culture through a keen sense of place, as deep respect for our natural environment, an orientation to the principles and practices of sustainability, and use of the campus’s entire physical environment to promote the Associated Students’ and University’s goals.

We acknowledge the value of service to others in defining organizational character and measuring organizational performance.

We observe accountability for our financial management and for the professionalism in our work. We consider the effective and efficient use of student dollars as trust between the AS and the public. We are also committed to maintaining a well-trained staff and a set of guidelines and standards that enable us to support and be accountable for the programs and services we create.

We promote innovation and inquiry in our boards, committees, programs, activities, commercial enterprises, and beyond, in our employment and participatory experiences through which we prepare students to be successful in their future work environment as engaged members of a community.

We affirm that we are an organization that supports collaboration, mutual support and trust, and common goals define our work together and the spirit of its engagement. We appreciate and support the partnerships that we have built within our organization and with the campus community.

Approved by BOD:    2/14/07