Guadalupe Miron

Major: Child Development
Hometown: Corning, CA
Class: Junior
Program Position: Operations Assistant | CAVE

How did you first get connected with Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE)?
I first found out about CAVE through friends who were actually staff members. I would hear their CAVE talks and they were the ones who announced a position being open, so I applied and got hired!

How would you describe your role as the Operations Assistant for CAVE?
I would describe my role as the Operations Assistant as being dependable, and knowledgeable. Prior to this position I was a Front Desk Assistant (FDA) and the FDAs along with the Operations Director are the “glue” that keeps this office together. We are the face of CAVE at the front desk so it’s all about customer service. Being a part of the Operations team requires me to have a lot of knowledge about CAVE which I’ve obtained within the last year as an FDA. I assist in recruiting volunteers, providing them information about all our programs, and scheduling their interviews. I support CAVE staff by insuring their completion of staff requirements, and I assist the Operations Director the best I can.

What does working at CAVE do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
Working at CAVE does a lot for me. It helps me professionally by improving my public speaking. Working with big groups of people helps my communication skills. Personally, I get to meet a lot of new people and make friendships as well. CAVE works around my school schedule so I have time to focus on my academics.

What do YOU bring to the table in your role as CAVE’s Operations Assistant?
I bring in help wherever it is needed. I have knowledge about all the different CAVE volunteer programs as well as Service Learning opportunities. I try my best to help all staff members in any way I can. I bring a positive attitude and a smile to volunteers and staff.

What are your career plans and how does your role with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
I plan to someday get my masters in Child Development, and work with children who are at risk. My role prepares me for my path as it helps me prepare professionally. The AS provides many different opportunities for students that we should all take advantage of because it not only helps our future but the future of our school as well.