Allie Boone

Major:  English
Hometown:  Danville, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Animal Connection Coordinator, CAVE

As a freshman in the residence halls Allie got connected with CAVE right away and joined the tutorial program. The program was convenient because all the tutoring was done on campus at the Bell Memorial Union. When Allie became more mobile her sophomore year thanks to a car, it opened up more opportunities for her. She eagerly signed up to volunteer at the Butte Humane Society through CAVE’s Animal Connection program. She’s passionate about animals so it was a perfect fit for her. After volunteering for a semester, Allie applied to be a group leader for the program and filled that role for three semesters. However, she didn’t limit her volunteering to canines. She also volunteered at the Sonoma Developmental Center and through the Senior Circle program at CAVE. In fact, all totaled, Allie has performed over 400 hours of community service during her time at Chico State!

Allie is currently the coordinator for Animal Connection and is very excited about the change in direction the program is taking. Volunteers will now be able to work at two sites; the Butte Human Society (BHS) and the Chico Animal Shelter. The shelter work focuses on intake, strays, surrenders, and lost animals, whereas the BHS focuses on socializing animals and pet adoptions. In her role as coordinator Allie supervises five group leaders and has oversight for 70 volunteers. She is responsible for planning the orientation and training for the volunteers and acts as a liaison with the community partners. Part of her job includes outreach so she contacts faculty to schedule class talks promoting the program. Allie can also be seen tabling on campus where she enthusiastically recruits volunteers for Animal Connection.

Allie sees the value of her CAVE involvement on many levels. “It’s a great leadership opportunity and resume builder. I’ve become much more comfortable with public speaking, and I’ve learned important interview skills. Plus, CAVE is a great way to meet people.” Allie is very passionate about CAVE well beyond her own program. Her well rounded service experience makes her a great resource for other staff and volunteers. Her ultimate goal for her last year at CAVE: “I hope to leave behind the legacy of a re-vamped program that will be sustainable for years to come.”


In Allie’s words:
“The professionalism I’ve developed at CAVE is applicable in any field. I love to brag about the opportunities I’ve had there. CAVE isn’t work for me. I love being there!”