Wildcat Leadership Institute (WLI)


The Wildcat Leadership Institute inspires, enhances, and recognizes leadership experiences for members of our campus community. We serve as a bridge between academic, co-curricular, and employment experiences that prepare participants to lead on campus, in our community, and in the workplace. Through creation, collaboration, and promotion, we connect participants to valuable, relevant, inspiring, and diverse leadership experiences to enhance their Chico Experience.

The Wildcat Leadership Institute exemplifies the Chico Experience and contributes to Chico State being a premier leadership campus by helping students and professionals advance and apply their leadership skills.


  1. Providing, promoting, and recognizing programs and experiences that are accessible, meaningful, and desired by all students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Advancement of individualized leadership through personal and professional value determination, connection to opportunities and experiences, and development of skills.
  3. Value-added collaborations across campus, in the Chico community, and with employers.
  4. Being a premier leadership institute for students’ choice of college and employers’ selection of graduates.
  5. Graduates that are prepared to lead and make positive impact in their workplace and communities.
  6. Sustainable growth and development of the Wildcat Leadership Institute.

Strategic Plan and Annual Reports
The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan articulates a bold vision and implementation plan for the WLI.  Each June, WLI Staff publish an Annual Report to show progress made towards achieving the strategic goals. Click here to learn more about the strategic focus of the WLI.