Five-Year Strategic Plan

WLI Students

2016 – 2021 Strategic Goals

The 2016-2021 strategic plan articulates a bold vision and implementation plan for the Wildcat Leadership Institute. It is the beginning of something great – but also the support and continuation of years of meaningful academic and co-curricular experiences, programs, and opportunities that have defined the Chico Experience.

The WLI 2016-2021 Strategic Goals:

Goal 1:
Prepare Wildcat Leadership Institute participants to be leaders on campus, in their communities, and the workplace

Goal 2:
Engage a diverse group of participants through program design, delivery, and marketing

Goal 3:
Build effective campus collaborations to enrich participants’ experience and reduce program redundancy

Goal 4:
Advance the visibility and reputation of the Wildcat Leadership Institute beyond current participants

Goal 5:
Create capacity for sustainable growth of the Wildcat Leadership Institute through intentional staff development and external funding

Annual Reports

2016-2017 Annual Report