Alessandra Recht

Major:  Communication Design-Option in Graphic Design
Hometown:  Chatsworth, CA
Class:  Sophomore

Like many first year students, Alessandra felt out of comfort zone when she first came to college. She had heard about Freshmen Leadership Opportunity (FLO) during summer orientation. FLO is an AS Government Affairs program designed to immerse first year students in the college leadership experience. Alessandra thought that would be a perfect way to meet other students and to become a part of something bigger on campus. She applied to FLO and was one of 40 freshmen accepted into the program. Not only did she meet other students, but she and her FLO classmates got to have lunch with University President, Paul Zingg!

Her entire FLO experience, which included shadowing student staff at the AS Women’s Center, was so positive that she wanted others to share that experience. To make that happen, Alessandra applied to be a FLO facilitator for her sophomore year and is currently relishing her new role. “I want to be a guide for freshmen. I only knew two people when I came here. I want to be their friend and show them the ins and outs of Chico both on and off campus.”

In FLO students learn all about the AS and its programs; meet career staff as well as other leaders on campus; participate in leadership team building activities; and engage in community service. Alessandra sums up her FLO experience to date this way: “I’ve learned new leadership skills, how to access people in charge, and become much more confident with myself. It’s all about networking. I encourage students to meet their instructors and connect with staff.”

Alessandra’s dream job is to be an art director for a fashion magazine. “Vogue – I might as well dream big!”


In Alessandra’s words:
“Don’t hesitate to get involved – go with your gut feeling. Try something out. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it. Our campus has more involvement opportunities than most college campuses. Take advantage of that!”