Kendall Enns

Major:  English Education
Hometown:  Willows, CA
Class:  Junior
Program Position: FLO Facilitator

When she was feeling a little lost her freshman year, a friend told Kendall about Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO). “FLO was my ticket to awesomeness!” She spent a year in the program learning about leadership opportunities in the Associated Students and other campus involvement options. “FLO was my way of club shopping. I got exposure to a wide variety of organizations so I could decide which ones I wanted to go back and participate in.” Getting sneak peeks at programs like CAVE, the Cross-cultural Leadership Center and the Women’s Center (now the Gender and Sexual Equity Center) convinced Kendall that FLO was the door to a vast array of possibilities.

With a year of FLO experience under her belt, Kendall wanted to come back as a program facilitator so that she could serve as a guide/mentor to other students. It was also a good fit for her field of teaching. Facilitation is a critical skill for fostering good dialogue in a classroom. “I think I’m very empathetic. I don’t want students to feel alone. I know what that’s like. Come to me. I’m here for you.”

Kendall’s enthusiasm is contagious. She has a dry sense of humor and likes to joke that “FLO is a catalyst for swagger.” She values the support system and the networking opportunities that FLO has provided. “I have met so many people and I’ve learned to adapt to so many different styles other than my own.”

When she’s not singing the praises of FLO or in the classroom, Kendall can be found at the campus testing center where she has a part time job as a testing proctor. And somehow, she manages to squeeze in Greek life as well as an active member of Gamma Phi Beta.

Kendall’s minor is Spanish and she would like to study abroad and perhaps earn a master’s degree in International Languages. Ultimately, she would like to return to her hometown to teach. “I’m a first generation college graduate and I would like to give back to the community that did so much for me.”

In Kendall’s words:
“FLO has given me the courage to do things I would never have tried. It has also given me confidence to trust my own instincts.”