Nicole D’Onofrio

Nicole D’Onofrio

Major:  Recreation Administration
Hometown:  Patterson,  CA
Class:  Sophomore
Program Position: Facilitator | Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO)

During her visit for Chico Preview Day Nicole saw a Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO) table and wanted to know more. The word “leadership” is what caught her eye. She stopped by the table and put her name on the mailing list and received several communications before she even started school. Once she arrived on campus, she attended an information session about the program and interviewed for one of the 50 available slots. FLO seemed like a natural next step from her high school leadership experience to college leadership. Nicole developed a close bond with other FLO participants, especially her immediate “family” group of ten other freshmen. “We did biweekly activities together to get to know one another and discover fun things to do in Chico.” A significant component of FLO is the “shadow” assignment which provides students with the opportunity to connect with career staff to learn more about a specific job or program. Nicole shadowed an Assistant Residence Community Coordinator for a semester which inspired her to apply for her current position as an RA at Whitney.

Nicole had such positive experience with FLO that she wanted to return to the program to mentor other freshman. She applied to be a FLO Facilitator and is currently in her second semester in that position. Nicole’s goal is to further develop the program by understanding and being responsive to the needs of freshmen. And, she has a lot to share with freshman. Apart from her involvement with FLO, she is a Resident Advisor, a CAVE volunteer, and an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta. “When students ask me questions, I can give real life experience answers since I have lived through them.” Nicole herself is currently being shadowed by a FLO student who is interested in being a resident advisor so it’s a perfect match – one that is typical of the kind of connections that FLO provides.  %u2028

The biggest FLO bonus for Nicole is the personal friendships she has made. “It’s so nice to see a familiar face wherever I go.” She has also learned some valuable professional skills like how to facilitate meetings and plan activities and events including fund raisers and community service. These skills will come in handy for her future plans. Nicole is a recreation major with a marketing minor so she hopes to parlay her event planning experience into a career.

In Nicole’s words:
“I love helping others and being a part of FLO permits me to do this. I also get to work with four other talented facilitators and a great program coordinator. The best part is implementing all our ideas with the FLO students and watching everyone succeed.”