Trevor Payne

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA
Class: Sophomore

His first year at Chico State Trevor joined Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO) where he discovered 40 instant friends with whom he shared many common interests. FLO exposes first year students to leadership opportunities throughout the AS while creating a sense of community through teambuilding activities and volunteer service. FLO also provides shadowing opportunities for students to get to know various AS programs. Trevor shadowed Adventure Outing for a semester and was amazed at the level of training and responsibility the students had to run the program.

Trevor’s involvement with FLO made him realize that each student can create his OWN Chico experience. “You don’t have to buy into the party reputation. There are lots of other alternatives.” He joined the Business Club and Italian Club and starting networking both in and outside the AS. He was the only freshman who served on the AS Student Advisory Committee where he was exposed to the inner workings of the AS and kept up to speed on current events.

Currently Trevor is one of four facilitators for FLO.  Now it’s his turn to influence first year students. His main goal is to create “A sense of unity and tightness” among the 40 members of FLO while offering them a different perspective on student life and all it offers.

In Trevor’s words:
“You can make your own Chico experience. Don’t be scared to step outside of the box. It’s never too late. Push the envelope!”