About Our Programs

The Wildcat Leadership Institute (WLI) is committed to providing, promoting, and collaborating on a diverse portfolio of leadership experiences and programs to help our entire campus community grow.

Within the WLI, our signature programs include:



The Launch Experience for Transfer Success (LETS) was designed specifically for transfer students new to Chico State. The semester-long program empowers transfer students to immediately engage with the campus and community, meet and connect with other transfer students, and develop a personalized plan to be successful in reaching graduation and taking the first step in their professional career.


Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO) is a year-long program designed for first year students who want to get involved in the Chico State campus and community. Through FLO, students make connections with current and past FLO participants, discover their leadership potential and interests, and find ways to get involved with leadership opportunities across campus. FLO focuses on self-awareness and the development of leadership skills during the fall semester while providing the opportunity to shadow a student leader and identify their next steps during the spring semester.


The Wildcat Leadership Institute offers 8 Certificate Programs. These programs help students develop leadership skills that employers who recruit from Chico State have said they are looking for in candidates. The goal of these Certificate Programs is to equip students with the skills needed to be effective leaders now while in college and post-graduation in the workplace. Participants range from students who have never seen themselves as leaders, but wish to develop core skills, to students who have held multiple leadership positions. Wherever you are in your leadership journey, there is a certificate program that can help you develop and increase your job marketability.


The Wildcat Leadership Institute Speaker Series features speakers from all backgrounds and experiences that share their leadership expertise and advice with our Chico State students, faculty, and staff.


The Campus Colleagues Series recognizes that Chico State faculty and staff are leaders within our campus and Chico communities. The series strives to inspire and enhance those leadership experiences and provide ongoing leadership development opportunities for the campus community.


LeadCat is a one-day event before the start of the fall semester that exposes first-year and transfer students to ways to get involved across campus and in our Chico community. Participants engage in activities to help them connect with each other and current student leaders.


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