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Alyssa Reyes

Major: Exercise Physiology
Hometown: Benicia, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Personal Trainer for the Wildcat Recreation Center

How did you first get connected with the Wildcat Recreation Center?
While I was visiting Chico State as a high school senior, all it took was one look inside the recreation center to know that this was where I was going to attend college. Physical activity has always been the source of my happiness and the foundation of my upbringing, and after having seen how much emphasis Chico State put on health and wellness, I knew I had found my future home. As a freshman, I began receiving personal training from the Wildcat Recreation Center and discovered my love for structured exercise and, ultimately, my passion for personal training.

How would you describe your current role with the WREC?
I am currently a part of the WREC’s personal training and fitness staff and am very dedicated in guiding my clients toward a positive life filled with physical and mental health and wellness.

What does working in for the WREC do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
Working for the WREC has not only enhanced my professional experience and adaptive abilities in the field of fitness, but working in such an inclusive, positive environment has provided me with tools I will continue to use throughout my career path. As a personal trainer, I am regularly required to balance different workout regimens, personalities, time availability, and client needs. The guidance I have received at the WREC to successfully perform my job has provided me with the confidence and the willingness to step out of my comfort zone. Working at the WREC has developed my career goals and passion towards fitness, and for that, I will always consider my position at the WREC to be most valuable in inspiring my future pursuits.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position at the WREC?
I am a very energetic, passionate individual, l and believe that I bring genuine encouragement and integrity to the table. I naturally want my clients/friends/peers to succeed and truly believe that self-worth and happiness is determined by the efforts you take to help another. As an Exercise Physiology major, I understand the severity of inactivity and want nothing more than to promote the importance of physical health and wellness. If someone is willing to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle, I am more than willing to use my exercise physiology knowledge to help them achieve their goals and, ultimately, help them change their life.

What are your career plans and how does your job with the Associated Students better prepare you for that path?
As an Exercise Physiology student, I am driven by my goals of receiving a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and pursuing my career as an independent personal trainer. Since having been employed by the Associated Students, I have generated a greater sense of self-worth and confidence in my career goals, and feel very blessed for having been given the opportunity to work as a personal trainer for the Chico State WREC.

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