Our Classrooms

Willow classroom at Child Development Lab

Willow & Maple Rooms (infants)

The Willow & Maple Rooms will each serve eight infants providing an intimate, small group care experience. The staff provide relationship-based responsive caregiving to support optimum growth and development for infants. We practice primary and individualized care to establish a strong foundation for future learning.

Magnolia classroom at Child Development Lab

Lilac & Magnolia Rooms (preschoolers)

Magnolia & Lilac Rooms serve approximately 18 children each. The preschool staff focuses on creating a community of learners that are confident and can engage successfully in a group-learning environment. We provide children a range of curriculum experiences and opportunities that support children’s individual development of attention maintenance, self-regulation, social-emotional, language, literacy, cognition, physical, and health skills.


  • All of our classrooms have the capacity for external observation. The ASCDL partners with the Child Development Department and collaborates with other departments to provide a lab school experience for programs throughout campus.
  • We practice intentional teaching, and support children’s development of critical thinking skills, empowering them to be lifelong learners
  • Curriculum experiences are supported through teacher and child-directed activities, interactions, routine, and the indoor-outdoor environments
  • Family engagement is important to us, we welcome you to spend time in the classrooms, and encourage you to participate, as you feel comfortable.
  • Fully qualified lead staff includes Head Teachers, Teachers, and Part-time teachers. Additional staff includes Student Assistants, Interns, and Volunteers.