As a part of our strategic plan, the Associated Students has promised to advance programs, policies and practices that promote sustainability and protect our planet’s resources.

Sustainability Programs

Chico State has long been a sustainability trailblazer, and we continue to chart a path toward a more sustainable campus community and our commitment to address climate change by reducing and ultimately neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions and to accelerate research and educational efforts to equip students for a more sustainable future.

In 2006, the students of Chico State voted to approve the creation of the AS Sustainability program. Since then, our Sustainability program has continued to research, support and create solutions that address environmental and cultural problems on campus, including facilitating the composting efforts for the campus.

Through AS Sustainability, we host events that aim to promote and support environmental education, including Campus Sustainability Day (October) and Earth Day (April).

Sustainability Projects

We believe, in order to make change, we need to commit to change. That’s why the AS also supports student-led sustainability projects through funding through the Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee (SFAC), which allocates up to $50,000 each year to identify needs, implement solutions and make a positive difference on campus and in the world.

Through SFAC, the Associated Students has funded nearly $1M in projects that have improved campus practices to preserve natural resources and eliminate waste.

Additionally, the AS continues to prioritize energy efficiency and zero waste efforts in our facilities and businesses. In 2018, the Associated Students became the first CSU to eliminate plastic straws from campus enterprises. Since then, they have continued to make strides in their goal to reach zero waste by introducing compostable and reusable food packaging into their retail and dine-in efforts. In 2022, the AS began their efforts to retrofit all AS-operated facilities with LED lights, further promoting energy conservation.

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Policies & Practices

We continue to focus our efforts on fundamental and long-term sustainable practices at the Associated Students. Through corporate policies like the Climate Neutral Policy and the Travel Policy, we have committed to sustainable practices in our ongoing business efforts on campus and off.

In recent years, the Associated Students has taken action to explore and implement digital solutions for integral business needs in order to reduce our consumption of one-time paper products, including a switch to the workforce management system UKG and Adobe Sign for contracting efforts.

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Student Leadership

The Sustainability Affairs Council is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Government Affairs, Associated Students Businesses, and Bell Memorial Union committees on issues concerning sustainability, environmental, and social justice. The committee is open for all students to come and voice any questions, comments or concerns regarding sustainability programs at Chico State.

For more information, please contact the chair, the Commissioner of Sustainability Affairs.