Programming & Events

The Associated Students is devoted to being inclusive, innovative, and inspiring. We work to unify the campus communities and enhance the Chico experience every day! Our Operational Programming Services team puts on a wide array of events and activities on campus each year for students to experience that help keep campus feeling fun and alive. We create meaningful opportunities that create connections, we encourage you to come out to events, participate in activities, and get involved!

photo from MAC Night Photo of man blowing bubbles photo of crowd watching movie Photo of crowd petting a dog Photo of girl petting a goat

Event Allocation Fund

Are you part of a recognized student organization? Do you need funds to help with the cost of your event? Then check out the Event Allocation Fund. The Associated Students (AS) and Student Organizations & Leadership Education (SOLE) have partnered to provide student activity fee funds to recognized student organizations for planning an event, program or activity. We're here to help!

  • Requests must come from a currently recognized CSU, Chico student organization.
  • The primary audience of the program, event or activity benefits CSU, Chico students.
  • Funding is primarily provided through reimbursement of expenses by valid receipt. We cannot advance money to the organizers.
  • The student organization must submit a detailed plan and budget outline about the areas for which they are seeking financial support to Student Life and Leadership (SLL).
  • From the date of approval, there must be at least 14 days to advertise and promote the program, event or activity.
  • The program, event or activity must be free and open to all CSU, Chico students.