As General Election


At Chico State, student representatives are elected each academic year to serve and advocate on behalf of the student body with AS Government Affairs. This election is held during the spring semester each year.

AS Election FAQs

On the morning of election day, every Chico State student will receive an email with a link to the ballot. The link will also be available here on our website! You will need to sign in with your Chico State login to access the ballot.

You can vote from any device you can log into your portal from.

Yes, depending on the status of the position you are interested in, there are two ways Chico State Students can still get involved in the election process after the Intent to File deadline has passed.

If the position you are interested in has no declared candidates on the ballot, that position will be filled through an appointment process. Contact the Election Supervisor to learn more about applying for the appointment process.

If the position you are interested in has declared candidates on the ballot, you can run as a write-in. Students considering running as a write-in are encouraged to reach out to the Election Supervisor for more information about campaign regulations and eligibility.

Revenue Sharingallows voters to allocate $15 of their Activity Fee to up to three recognized student organizations of their choosing! $15 to one, $7.50 to two, or $5 to three! Student organizations wanting to confirm their revenue sharing eligibility should contact Student Life & Leadership.

YES! All regularly enrolled students can vote!

This page will continue to be updated with information, so be sure to check back on a regular basis. If you have a question and do not see the information here, please contact the AS Election Supervisor, Eliza Miller.

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