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Revenue Sharing

AS Government Affairs has moved online for the remainder of the 20/21 year.

If you have any Revenue Sharing reimbursements for the 20/21 year, please contact Sarah Fenton at

Revenue Sharing is a program that was created to provide eligible student organizations funding for a variety of uses. This program allows regularly enrolled students the opportunity to allocate up to $15 of their Activity Fee. The Activity Fee is one of the six campus-based fees that all regularly enrolled students pay each semester. Revenue Sharing allocation takes place concurrently with the Associated Students General Election each spring. Voters are provided a list of eligible organizations from which to choose and they are able to allocate $15 to one organization, $7.50 to two organizations or $5 to three organizations.

In order to be eligible for revenue sharing funds, a student organization MUST NOT be eligible for IRA Funding, and they must be recognized and in good standing with the University prior to the deadline (please contact Student Life and Leadership for more info).

Important Facts About Revenue Sharing:

  • Last year over $59,115 was pledged to recognized student organizations and programs.
  • Funds are from student fees and, as such, use is governed by Title 5 of the California Education Code.
  • Funds are available through reimbursement only.
  • Funds allocated in the 2020 election will be available for expenses incurred after July 1, 2020.

Campaigning for Revenue Sharing:
CLICK HERE to view the campus regulations regarding campaigning for revenue sharing.

Funds Available for Revenue Sharing:
to view the funds available to organizations based on 2020 AS Election results. These funds are available after July 1st for the 2020-21 academic year.

Eligible Clubs/Organizations:
View the Sample Ballot on the AS General Election page to view the list of clubs/organizations eligible to receive revenue sharing.

Revenue Sharing — everything you need to know.

To Learn More:
For information about eligibility or recognition please contact Student Life and Leadership in BMU 220 or at 898-5396.

Does your club currently have Revenue Sharing funds? For information about accessing your Revenue Sharing funds, contact the Government Affairs Office in BMU 220 or at 898-5701.

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