photo of girl diving into pool at the Wildcat Recreation Center

Aquatics at The WREC

In addition to a great exercise equipment selection, the Wildcat Recreation Center also offers an outdoor pool and spa deck. Fully outfitted with lounge chairs and chairs, you can relax by the pool or swim in designated free swim or lap swim areas. We hire and train a team of lifeguards to oversee safety "on deck" while you enjoy the space. Learn about our programs below.

Log Rolling
Log Rolling is a balance-based activity in which two competitors try to stay on top of a floating log while it spins and bobs in the water. No experience is required and staff will be present to give tips and pointers to help you achieve success. No swimming ability required.

Slack or Swim
Attempt to balance as you walk across our 75-foot slackline suspended above the pool. A slackline is like a tight rope, but not tight. You’re going to fall, that’s the fun part!

SUP Yoga
What is better than Yoga in the sun? Add in the fun of a Stand-up Paddleboard in our amazing pool and you have the perfect warm weather workout. In this class, we will focus on basic yoga poses and breathing to facilitate a good stretch that will be sure to lower your stress levels. (Class will run as long as the warm weather does!)

SUP Pilates
Take your traditional Mat Pilates exercises onto our Stand-up Paddleboards for an extra fun core challenge. Pilates exercises are designed to improve core muscular endurance, flexibility, and posture. Adding the Paddleboard to this workout adds more core work for a fun-in-the-sun workout! (Class will run as long as the warm weather does!)

Swim Fit
Join us for a group swim workout. An instructor will lead new workouts each day and provide feedback on swimming strokes. Each workout can be modified for your ability. Participants should be able to swim 4 lengths of the pool without stopping.


Want to learn to swim? We offer both paid private lessons and free group lessons!

Group Lessons - Our group swim lessons are focused on those who have little to no experience in the water. Participants will gain comfort going underwater, learn to float on their stomach and back, and learn the arm and legs movements to swim across the pool. All beginner group lessons take place in the shallow end and only progress to deeper water as student's abilities and comfort allow. Our Beginner 2.0 class is for those who are comfortable with their face in the water and can float and kick without assistance. Group lessons have a $15 registration fee that is refunded if you attend 6 of the 8 classes. Click here to view our current offerings!

Private Lessons - If your skills don't fit in our group lessons or you'd like some extra attention, you can book a private lesson with an instructor. Lessons are 30 minutes and can be purchased at the WREC front desk: 1 for $20 or 5 for $80. After you purchase a pack of lessons our staff will contact you to setup your lessons with an instructor who can meet your needs.


Pool Programming

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