Position Vacancies

Occasionally, the Government Affairs Office has openings for elected student representative positions. Any person appointed to fill a vacancy is required to possess the qualifications of the office to which they are to be appointed. A vacancy in the office of the AS President shall be filled by the AS Executive Vice President. A vacancy in the office of any other elected officer shall be filled by approval of the Board of Directors.

Commissioner of Community Affairs

The Commissioner of Community Affairs acts as the link between the Associated Students and the local community. This position chairs the Community Affairs Council. Together, they are responsible for developing active partnerships with local agencies and organizations in an effort to promote community events, facilitate community outreach and participate in campus and community activities. Additionally, this position serves on campus-wide committees and acts as a liaison between students and college administrators to increase communication, interaction, and cooperation between administration, the community, and the Associated Students. This is a scholarship position and, as such, has minimum requirements, including mandatory office hours in addition to scheduled committee and council meetings. A full description of the Commissioner of Community Affairs position and requirements can be found here.

Applications must be submitted no later than the deadline, Noon on Friday, January 26, 2024. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.


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All questions are directed to Eliza Miller.

While in office, all elected representatives are eligible to receive a scholarship based on a percentage of the cost of attendance (COA) at CSU, Chico, which are disbursed each semester to those in office: 1/2 in the fall and 1/2 in the spring.