Sustainability Fund (Sfac)

Photo of construction management major builds new greenhouse at compost garden

SFAC Workshops

Funding for Green Ideas
October 20 | 2:00pm | BMU 204
October 25 | 12:00pm | BMU 204
October 27 | 4:00pm | BMU 204

Submission Deadlines:
Project proposals requesting $5000 or more are due November 8th @ 10:00am
Project proposals requesting $4999 or less are due November 16th @ 2:00pm




Contact Sharleen Krater with questions.

Photo of construction management major building new greenhouse at compost garden

What is the Sustainability Fund?

The sustainability fund was started by students in 2006 to help tackle two of the most pressing issues of our time; climate change and environmental justice. Approximately $100,000 is set aside each year to empower students and the AS to identify needs, implement solutions and make a positive difference on campus and in the world.

This fund helps you put your ideas into action!

Who can apply?

Any currently enrolled Chico State student is invited to apply as well as any members of the Associated Students staff. We encourage all to apply for up to $4,999 per project.

*Larger projects are accepted however you will need to communicate with AS Sustainability early and your project must also be approved by the ASFC.

photo of woman observing tree branch

Other Funding Opportunities for Sustainability Projects: