Sustainable Events

Photo of Students at a campus event

Why Plan a Green Event?

  • Save money in the long run
  • Conserve resources
  • Provide a model for others to follow
  • Leave a positive impact and lasting impression
  • Feel better about your event
  • Transition to thinking long-term over short-term for annual events
  • Be more in control of your event’s carbon footprint

Tips for Student Orgs

  1. Make your club and its events as inclusive and accessible as possible
  2. Hand out sustainable swag or other sustainable alternatives
  3. Hold events outside or in energy-efficient buildings (LEED Certified, natural lighting, etc.)
  4. Provide a vegan meal option at events with food, and shop locally
  5. Avoid single-use plastics (water bottles, straws, serving ware, decorations, balloons, etc.)
  6. Focus your energy on reusing and reducing more than recycling (but still recycle where you can)
  7. Use AS Sustainability’s Function Junction
  8. Consider a Sustainable Event Certification (information below)
  9. To borrow portable hydration stations for your large outdoor event email

Function Junction

For campus events with less than 40 people you can borrow our reusable party supplies! We offer reusable plates, cups, mugs, utensils, table cloths, and serving trays. After you’re done all you have to do is bring the dirty dishes back to our office! Reserve the Function Junction in our office or by emailing the Green Event Coordinator!

How to use it:

  1. Signing Up (in BMU 220G)
    1. Mark sign-up sheet with Event name. If there is already an event that day the Function Junction may not be available contact if you have any questions)
    2. Fill out sign-up sheet COMPLETELY, including event day/time, contact information, amount/ type of items being reserved, and approximate number of guests.
  2. Picking Up
    1. Place dishes you need in wicker basket
    2. Place basket and black/grey plastic tub in green wagon.
    3. Mark the “picked up?” box on sign-up sheet
  3. Returning
    1. Scrape food scraps into trash
    2. Put dirty dishes in black/grey tub
    3. Return all materials borrowed to BMU 220G

Sustainable Event Certification Program

Become a Certified Sustainable Event with AS Sustainability! A certified sustainable event considers the environment, society, and economic feasibility. Specifically, you should be planning, managing, and executing your event with Zero Waste, Climate Neutrality, and Social Responsibility in mind.

Benefits of Certification

  • Sustainable Event seal for marketing purposes
  • Large, outdoor events can book AS Sustainability’s two Hydration Stations (water bottle/ drinking fountain station)
  • Event included in Campus reporting and contributes to our STARS gold rating
  • Associated Students will promote your event by reposting your outreach on our Instagram stories.

Contact for a consultation on how to become a Certified Sustainable Event.