The AS Bylaws are the rules governing the regulations of the corporation.

Corporate Bylaws


Duties establish the responsibilities of the elected and appointed positions within student government. All duties are currently under review.

College of Agriculture, Senator 10/28/20
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Senator 10/28/20

College of Business, Senator 10/28/20

College of Communication and Education, Senator 10/28/20

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management, Senator 10/28/20

College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Senator 10/28/20

College of Natural Sciences, Senator 10/28/20

Community Affairs, Commissioner 9/6/17

Executive Vice President 9/20/17

Legislative Affairs, Commissioner 12/9/20

President 12/5/22
Social Justice and Equity, Director 12/9/20

Student Engagement and Advocacy, Commissioner 12/9/20

Sustainability Affairs, Commissioner 11/29/17

University Affairs, Director 12/12/18

Vice President of Business and Finance 11/1/17

Vice President of Facilities and Services 1/24/18


Codes establish the composition and meeting procedures for committees of the corporation.

Activity Fee Capital Expenditure Committee Code 2/7/18
Associated Students Businesses Committee Code 11/15/17

Associated Students Facilities Committee Code 11/15/17
Audit Committee Code 11/15/17
Board of Directors Code 12/9/20
Campus Engagement Council Code 12/9/20

Code Format 11/1/17

Code of Ethics 4/12/89

Community Affairs Council Code 2/7/18

Five-Year Master Plan Executive Committee Code 4/22/02

Government Affairs Committee Code 12/9/20

Initial Review Committee Code 2/7/18

Investment Committee Code 11/1/17

Legislative Affairs Council Code 12/9/20

Scholarship Committee Code 11/17/21
Social Justice and Equity Committee Code 4/16/21

Student Academic Senate Code 11/17/21

Sustainability Affairs Council Code 2/14/20

Sustainability Program Fund Allocation Committee Code 5/14/21


Policies provide guidance to employees of the corporation.

Activity Fee Net Assets Reserve Policy 4/24/19
Activity Fee Programmatic Eligibility Policy 2/7/18

Activity Fee Time Capsule Policy 1/24/18

Alcohol Policy 12/9/88

Appointment Policy 2/16/22
Associated Students Vice President of Business and Finance Candidate Qualifications Policy 12/6/17
Attendance and Office Hours Policy for Elected Representatives 3/2/22
BMU Aesthetics Policy 2/7/18

BMU Equipment Policy 12/6/17

BMU Flag Policy 2/7/18

BMU Marquee Policy 11/14/17

BMU Posting Policy 4/11/18

BMU Public Art Space Policy 2/28/20

BMU Publication Distribution Policy 3/19/91

BMU Room Reservation Policy 4/11/18

BMU Third Floor Art Gallery Policy 2/28/20

Board Designated Fund Policy 4/24/19
Bookstore Scholarship Disbursement Policy 3/2/22
Borrowing Between AS Funds Policy 2/7/18

Budget Process Policy 5/10/10

Capital Expenditure Purchases and Fixed Asset Policy 4/24/19

Climate Neutral Policy 4/11/18

Conflict of Interest Policy 2/21/18

Dining Services Net Assets Reserve Policy 4/24/19

Election Policy 3/27/19

Executive Order Policy 11/5/12

Extramural Funding Policy 12/6/17

Hospitality Expenses Policy 4/16/21

Investment Policy 9/9/14

Key and Card Swipe System Policy 2/7/18
Legal Counsel Policy 4/22/02
Marketing and Publicity Policy 4/20/22
Minutes Policy 12/6/17

Policy Format 12/9/88

Procurement Card Policy 4/27/05

Procurement, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Policy 2/1/23
Public Relations Funds Source and Use Policy 11/19/03

Publicity & Advertising Policy 12/9/88

Records Retention Policy 5/14/21

Revenue Sharing Policy 3/23/22
Risk Management and Insurance Policy 8/19/92

Sale of Goods and Services Policy 5/4/88
Signature Policy 9/26/22
Smoking Policy 3/28/18
Social Media Policy 4/20/22
Student Organization Event Allocation Fund Policy 2/01/23
Student Union and Wildcat Recreation Center Net Assets Reserve Policy 5/8/19

Sustainability Fund Allocation Policy 2/7/18

Travel Policy 2/3/12

Vehicle Usage Policy 5/6/09

Vendor Policy 10/3/11

Wildcat Store Net Assets Reserve Policy 4/29/19


Associated Students Mission Statement 05/07/21
Facilities Committee Mission and Program Statements 12/01/21
Businesses Mission Statement 12/01/21
Government Affairs Committee Mission and Program Statements 10/06/21
Strategic Plan 10/21/15

Associated Students Core Values and Commitments 5/07/21