As a part of our strategic plan, the Associated Students has committed to advance policies and practices that strengthen our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Celebrating Diversity

At the Associated Students, we strive to celebrate all ethnicities, cultures, sexualities, gender identities, religions, abilities, and body types. Our programs are committed to honoring and celebrating the diverse voices and cultural groups that make up the student body here at Chico State through service offerings and programming like Multicultural Showcase (November), International Festival (April), Love Every Body Week (February), heritage celebrations, and more.

Fostering Inclusivity

We believe in fostering an open and welcoming environment for all individuals, and that's why we are committed to promoting inclusivity through various means, including gender-neutral restrooms, pronoun use, workplace accommodations, and accessibility.

We aim to create an environment where everyone can show up as their authentic selves.

Prioritizing Equity

We recognize that equity, is an area of importance and utmost need. Our leadership is committed to supporting continual learning and dialogue surrounding equity and our moral responsibility to the student body. Our efforts have begun with the promotion of the Director of Social Justice and Equity to the Board of Directors, and the introduction of our Equity Leadership Learning Community. These and other efforts focus on prioritizing our diversity value in conversations and decision-making across the organization. We have begun to identify and nurture equity champions within leadership, career staff, and students, and assess organizational policy, practice, and culture for equity gaps.

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Chris Sullivan

Student Leadership

The Social Justice and Equity Committee acts as the representative body of the diverse and multicultural community, advocating for equitable and inclusive policies and procedures within the Associated Students, throughout the University and statewide. The committee is open for all students to come and voice any questions, comments or concerns for the diverse opportunities, events and community on our campus.

For more information, please contact the chair, the Director of Social Justice and Equity.


We understand that promoting equity, diversity and inclusion is an ongoing journey, and we are focused on educating ourselves and our staff to do better.

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