Wlc Resources


  • Student Organization Event Allocation Fund (SOEAF) - Up to $3,000 for any recognized student organization to put on an on-campus event of their dreams.
  • Revenue Sharing - Students can allocate up to $15 during the annual AS Elections to the organization(s) of their choice. Students can spend allocated funds as they wish!
  • Student Life and Leadership -The hub for tabling, flyers, recognized student organization event requests, student organization recognition, and so much more.
  • Pick-Me-Ups! - Bi-Monthly themed boxes are full of goodies and take-home activities. Past Pick-Me-Ups include Self-Care kits, Art Therapy and Game Night! Visit the Wildcat Leadership Center for details.
  • Taste the Latest - Free food in the Wildcat Leadership Center, BMU 220, once a month to showcase all the upcoming opportunities to get involved, connect with student leaders and get free food.
  • Free Store - Need office supplies? Project Binder? Look no further than the Free Store in AS Sustainability. You can donate or pick up FREE office supplies in BMU 220 in AS Sustainability.
  • Electronic Drop Off - Help stop toxic materials from ending up in the landfill. Donate batteries and electronic material for proper recycling and disposal in AS Sustainability in BMU 220.
  • Lactation Room - Available to all nursing students who need a private space while they are nursing. Visit BMU 220 and ask for access to the Lactation Room and they will happily escort you to a private space on the 3rd floor of BMU.
  • Sustainability Fund - Approximately $100,000 is set aside each year to empower students and the AS to identify sustainability needs, implement solutions and make a positive difference on campus and in the world. This fund helps you put your eco-ideas into action!
  • Compost Drop - Bring your food scraps for composting to the Compost Garden located between the tennis courts and train tracks. Open 24/7.
  • Function Junction - Borrow reusable dishes for your group events; silverware, dishware, table cloths, cups, and mugs. And AS Dining washes them for you!
  • Hydration Stations - Hosting a large outdoor event? Borrow two portable hydration stations to replace single-use plastic water bottles. Visit AS Sustainability, BMU 220, for details.
  • Sustainable Event Certification - Hosting an event? Become a certified sustainable event; plan, manage and execute your event with Zero Waste, Climate Neutrality, and Social Responsibility in mind.
  • DIY Area - Stop by AS Sustainability and use a sewing machine (we'll teach you), crafting supplies, and fix-it tools.
  • AS Sustainability - Offers involvement opportunities including internships, monthly creek clean-ups, garden parties, maker days, and so much more.