Do you know what it means to choose to reuse? Choosing to reuse is a great way to act on being sustainable and helping the environment. There is an increasing concern for sustainability and a reduction in single-use plastic waste which is why Associated Students are implementing eco-friendly initiatives. One such initiative is the adoption of OZZI boxes and reusable cups; this helps students make environmentally conscious choices while still enjoying their favorite meals and drinks on campus.

The OZZI box system allows students to take their meals on the go without using disposable containers. Students can check out an OZZI box from designated locations within their college dining facilities.

Ozzi box return

Here on campus, it would be at Marketplace Cafe. After enjoying your meal anywhere on campus, students can return the OZZI box to a designated drop-off location. The used box is then washed and sanitized, ready for the next student to use. On campus, there are three different locations in which the OZZI box can be returned making it easier for students to return their box no matter where they are on campus. The three locations include Butte Station, Selvester’s, and Marketplace Cafe.

Sustainable cup

In addition to OZZI boxes, reusable cups are becoming increasingly popular here at Chico State. These cups are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups. Students on campus can bring their own reusable cups to avoid the $1 fee that they will be charged when ordering their coffee. If students forget to bring their own cup they will be charged a small fee. When done with their drinks students can opt to return their cups to the designated yellow bins or keep them for the next time they want to grab a drink on campus. There are 4 locations around campus in which they can be returned Common Grounds, Marketplace Café, Selvester’s, and Butte Station.

There is power in choosing to reuse with OZZI boxes and reusable cups that benefit the environment greatly and show that sustainability matters. By eliminating single-use containers, the OZZI box system and reusable cups significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated on campus. Making sustainable efforts creates a positive impact on the environment, helps reduce waste, and promotes sustainability on campuses. It's a small choice that can lead to a big difference in building a greener future for all.

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Itzel Saucedo is a 4th year majoring in Journalism and PR and is the marketing assistant for sustainability for Associated Students. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and being part of the women’s club volleyball team on campus.